Beyond the Beacons

by Inherit The Stars

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released December 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Inherit The Stars Sheffield, UK

With an innovative style that's entirely their own, Inherit The Stars are the latest giants rising from the depths of the Sheffield music scene.
They bring together memorable guitar riffs, a symphony of strings, drums like a thunderstorm, and extraterrestrial synths, creating a force of sound that grips you by the ears and demands that you sit up and listen.
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Track Name: Still Alive
I’d torch it all for you my love
Just tell me am I good enough?
We’ll watch the world go down in flames
While we are dancing in the rain
I can’t ignore my shadows anymore
I know the feeling but I can’t be too sure
We can’t do this again
But I’ll hold you till the end
We’re living like there's no tomorrow now
We’re living like our luck might just run out
And even if we crash into the ground
We know we’re never going down
I know I know, we’re never
I know I know we’re never going down
I’d torch it all for you my love
The past the future all I’ve done
For every step that we will take
We’ll leave our demons in our wake
You've got hope on your face
But it's worn in vain
Track Name: Flaws
I know that I’m paranoid,
I know that I’m insecure
Forgive me these old habits
They die hard
I know that they're bleeding through
And inside I’m bleeding to
Cementing the end before we had a shot
So if I stay
I’ll stay awake
And I will never dream of you again
And if I drown
Drown in these doubts
Would you save me, or watch me wash away?
Do you still see me like you used to?
Still think of me the same?
I need to know this wasn’t all in vain
I know disbelieving
I know I’m misconceiving
All the beauty in all the words you have to say
I’m sick of this circus
We’re running in circles
And I’ve been so certain for so long
We’ve been over this before
It’s all convoluted
And I’m so confused here
I can’t compensate for these flaws
Can't compensate for all these flaws
We’re running out of second chances now
We’re running out, we’re running out.
Track Name: Exit Plan
I’ve got a feeling we’ve been left for dead
We’re gonna have to find our own way out instead
We’ve got our exit plan in motion now
Don’t try and sell us motives we won’t bow
You’ve left us burdens on which we cant build
A wasteland of desires you have filled
A generation grown on foreign soil
On borrowed time the snakes uncoil
Whatever you say to us
Whatever you do for us
You’ll never get through to us
You’re choices are made
I’m alive, alive tonight
We’ll keep on running so we never lose the light in our eyes
I’ alive, alive tonight
Singing woah
On the run, we’re on the run
We’ll keep on running from the villains that we’ll never become
On the run, we’re on the run
Singing woah
So now I’m certain we’ve been left for dead
No signs of life on the road ahead
You failures are a debt that we must pay
The price is on our head
It’s judgement day
I know you’ll try and take us down
We’ll never stop but we’ll stand our ground
And though we’ve nothing we’ll dare to dream
See the potential you’ll never see
Track Name: Better Than This
We’ve made mistakes
And now they’re taking tolls on me
A price worth paying
My kingdoms fallen to its knees
Feels like I’m living a bad dream a bad dream
My sacrifices made we weak
And now you’re betting against me, against me
So if I’m better off alone
Why do I hate it on my own?
Just tell me that you’re wrong
And if it’s better off this way
Why can’t I make it through the day?
Just tell me that you’re wrong
Frame by frame I’ve relived those days
And I still can’t say where we kept failing
This nightmares taking over me
Feels like I’m living a bad dream a bad dream
You’ve stacked the odds up against me
And now you’re betting against me, against me
We’re better than this.
Track Name: On Our Own
My knees are weak, I barely have to speak
I know you’ve seen, the same death that I’ve seen
We’re on our own
We’re on our own
I can’t escape, the scars left on my face
As I replay, a life I can’t erase
We’re on our own
We’re on our own
What do you see when I beg you to look at me
We’re just a shell of the heroes we want to be
Oh we, we’re not alone but we’re on our own
I’m not denying the irony
In the end we just see what we wanna see
Oh we, we’re not alone but we’re on our own
The gallows call, the curtain has to fall
I know all this, but ignorance is bliss
We’re better now, but I just can’t see how
I make a lie, so I can sleep at night
If you could make it right, would you be here tonight?
If you could find a way, could we have another day?